Saturday, 20 June 2015

Rapunzel castle cake...

Finally another order for castle cake! I have only done 2 previously and there were still rooms for improvement for those. So I'm really excited to do another one where I have already learnt from my previous mistakes. Check out the last castle I did!

So Markus approached me for a Rapunzel castle cake for her daughter Mila's 4th birthday. He said that his daughter will be dressed up in a Rapunzel gown on her birthday party. So learning from previous experience on the castle tower, I went on to search for a strong base this time round to ensure it will not collapse. Luckily we managed to find styrofoam from Artfriend which is stable and light and is just nice for the castle tower. So this time round, I had very stable castle towers and the castle looks neat and tidy. I add on some Rapunzel elements such as her long hair and her best friend Pascal. I also put in two other princesses who are at her castle to visit her and celebrate her birthday together! LOL.

When I deliver the cake Mila was around and she was so excited with her castle cake. Hope the princess have fun at her party. Happy 4th birthday Mila!

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