Saturday, 18 June 2016

Happy birthday to my Er Jie!

Another year has passed and it's my Er jie's birthday again! This year, we have a new family member joining us soon next month and my Er jie is going to be a mother! I can still vividly remember the times when we were young where my sister will play with me or we will quarrel over toys and clothes. Now that we are older, we tend to cherish our times together more often and now that she is going to be a mother, these time together are even more cherished as she will have to devote more time for her baby princess.

So this time round, I decided to make her a rose cake. To be honest, it is supposed to be a "test drive" for the cake that I am going to make for a charity cake auction in office. I saw a video online by cakestyle who created a very pretty 3D rose cake by sculpting the cake and covering it with fondant and therefore I wanted to make one too.

But when I get my hands on to it, it is not as easy as it seems! I have to cut bigger petals per layer to cover the cake and the angle of the petals need to be adjusted too. In the end, the top view of the cake looks really nice! But it is a very different kind of rose from the video that I have saw. LOL.

I really like how it looks from the top view!

Birthday girl with the cake! The side of the cake does not look as fantastic and therefore I request them to take photos from a high angle but it makes the birthday girl looks weird. LOL. So here is a photo that both the birthday girl and the cake looks alright.

Happy birthday to my dearest Er jie! Thanks for always thinking for me and the family. I wish that littlemisspar will grow up strong and healthy and pretty and I can't wait to cuddle her in my arms and play with her! I wish that you will be happy and healthy as well with your bundle of joy and enjoy life with your little family. I love you lots!

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