Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fairytale book cake and cupcakes set...

This is an order from Jermaine and she is celebrating her daughter Charlotte's 1st birthday and wanted a fairytale and storybook theme party. So she wanted to order a cake shaped in a book with characters from storybooks such as three little pigs, etc. This is another challenge for me as I have never done a book shaped cake before. So I bought two rectangular baking trays to bake two cakes and then placed them together to form a book. I also sliced the middle of the book to create a small curve like how a book should look like when it is open.

To my delight, the covering of the fondant on the cake was not as difficult as what I thought it would be as compared to previous 3D cakes that I have done.

Castle, Pigs, Rabbits. Flowers.

The end result is really neat and the cupcakes complement very well with the cake as well.
Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte!

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