Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas cupcakes...

This is really a very belated post on Christmas as I'm busy over all the Christmas and Year End events! Although it may be late but here's wishing everyone a great 2014 ahead!

Ok back to the christmas cupcakes. First up is an order from my cousin Irene who is working at SPH magazines and she wanted to give cupcakes to her colleagues for christmas. As her colleagues are in charge of both the male and female magazines, she wanted the cupcakes with elements for the guys as well as the ladies. Therefore, we came up with tech gadgets such as ipad, headphone, camera, etc for the guys and lipstick, handbag, dresses, etc for the ladies. Here's the end result.

For the guys.

For the ladies.
Next up is an order from Macey who is working in Metro and she wanted to order christmas cupcakes to the sales staff of the shoes and handbags department in 4 of the branches. This is quite a huge order and we had to deliver the cupcakes to 4 different locations in 2 days time. However, it was a good experience. I made the cupcakes with christmas elements such as candy canes and santa hats.

Thanks Irene and Macey for the orders and hope everyone had a great christmas!

Finally, it's my turn to make some cupcakes for my colleagues. Wanted to do something different from the previous two sets of cupcakes so came up with some other ideas such as santa stucked in the snow, gingerbread man, etc.

And thus my christmas ended with doing these 3 sets of christmas cupcakes. But I did not have time to work on a christmas logcake this time round. Hopefully will get to do it for this year's christmas! LOL.

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