Monday, 16 December 2013

Rainbow choo choo train cake...

This is yet another breakthrough for Jembakes with 3D cakes after the pirates ship!

Sherlyn, my er jie's colleague wanted to order a rainbow train for her son's Caleb's birthday and this is yet another challenge for me on sculpting 3D cakes but I gladly took up the challenge with the trust that Sherlyn placed on me.

So I baked a 10" round choc fudge cake and started cutting them into pieces and fixing them up together to form a train shape.

I know that at this stage it looks really unappetizing but at least the train form is there after much fixing up. So the next step is to wrap the train up with fondant and this is quite a headache as it is not a 2D shape where I can wrap it up in one go and I have not tried to wrap an abnormal shape like this before (previously for the pirate ship I actually cut up the fondant into rectangular sheets like wooden planks and fixed it onto the cake one by one). So for this, I tried to cover it up in two portions but it was quite untidy and I have to do a lot of cosmetic changes to it to cover up the flaws. LOL.

The train head.
The final product.
Sherlyn specifically wanted a rainbow track as her son's recent craze is on rainbow. I'm really pleased with the final product where the train looks really bright and colourful. Sherlyn says Caleb loves the rainbow choo choo train! Check out Caleb with the cake below:

 I'm so glad they love the cake and hope Caleb had a bright and happy 3rd birthday!

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