Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ulyss turns 2!

Times flies and the little princess at home turns 2 this year! Still remember her 1st birthday party last year which was around the time where I first started out with this whole cake decorating thing and I tried out my first two-tier cake for her birthday (but it was styrofoam inside, LOL). Things have really change in this 1 year. I am now able to make a real two-tier cake with ease (not really but not as difficult as before) and the girl is so active and talkative right now compared to a year before. Check out last year's party below:

So this time round, my Da Jie wanted a snow white theme for the girl's birthday party. However, she realised that the little girl actually do not know who is snow white (she thought the figurine is Cinderella), so she changed the theme to minnie mouse instead which the girl could recognise immediately. So while I was making the cake, the little girl keeps circling around my area and she said, "Xiao Yi I'm waiting for you!" The little girl can't wait for her cake to be done and when it is finally done and I asked her whose cake is this for, she quickly raised her hand high up and said "Me!". She's such a darling and is really cute with all her baby talks at this age. So here's the cake.

This time round I've learnt my lesson (did a minnie cake previously which did not end up very well).
I cut up cardboard and wrapped it with fondant for the ears so that it won't be as heavy as using all fondant and also inserted toothpicks into the cake so that the ears do not slide down. And it really works! The ears stayed nicely throughout the 2 parties (one in school and the other at home). We had a small celebration at home with the family but the poor little girl is a bit stone as she's sick. Poor girl.

Happy birthday dear Ulyss! Thanks for bringing so much laughter into the family. Hope that you grow up healthy and pretty and continue to be our bundle of joy. Xiao Yi loves u lots!

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