Friday, 28 February 2014

Happy birthday my dearest Da Jie!

2 days after the little princess's birthday, it's my Da Jie's birthday! Still remembered last year we had a birthday surprise for her when we were having Ulyss's 1st birthday party. I made her a hellokitty cake and we bought her a very big hellokitty balloon where we assumed she likes hellokitty. But she since then clarified she does not like it. However this year, I continued the "misunderstanding" and made her a hellokitty cake instead. LOL. Actually I have bought a hellokitty mould long ago but did not have a chance to use it, so I wanted to take this chance to use it and see how it looks like. Sorry sis for being the "guinea pig"! Anyway, the cake really turns out very neat and nice. Really love it although I'm not a fan of hellokitty either!

We had a small celebration at home. Check out the pictures below:

Mummy used the mould to make jelly and it turns out good too!

Happy birthday my dearest Da Jie!

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