Monday, 10 March 2014

My Little Pony & Hellokitty cake...

This is another order from Cindy. She had previously ordered cakes from me for her sons' birthday and now it's her daughter's turn! Check out her sons' cakes below:

So her daughter Trishelle loves Hellokitty and My Little Pony and she ordered two cakes, one for the celebration at home and the other for the celebration in school.

First up is the Hellokitty cake for the celebration at home. I wanted to try something different so I cut out a 2D hellokitty face and place it on the cake. It's really hard to get the shape of the hellokitty face right. I think will have to get a mould like the cake pan to really have a perfect and neat shape. Anyway, here's the final product.

Next up is the My Little Pony cake for the celebration in school. I ordered the cake toppers from the online cake topper blogshop that I frequent and it's really nice!

Thanks Cindy for the trust she placed in me once again! And hope Trishelle had a fantastic birthday!

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