Saturday, 28 June 2014

Er Jie's birthday surprise!

It's mid year again and how time flies, 6 months have passed! Anyway, it's Er Jie's birthday again. Last year, I made her a Candy Crush as she is a crazy fan of the game (and she is still playing now after a year). LOL. Check out her birthday celebration last year:

So this year, her sweet bf, Ben, organised a surprise birthday celebration for her at Pasir Ris Costa Sands Chalet to celebrate her last birthday before 30 and before marriage. And as it is a surprise, of course she does not know anything about it. And again, I'm tasked with preparing her birthday cake. At first, I wanted to go with the theme of last 20s and stuff, but I can't really find any ideas on that, instead I decided to make a princessy cake as she is special for the day (only for the day). I also decided to make a mini two-tier cake (4" and 6") as it was a small party for friends and family. Mummy was very adventurous and wanted to try out rainbow cake for a change and a pleasant surprise when sis cuts the cake. I have been receiving enquiries on making rainbow cake which is apparently the "in" thing now. But it is more tedious and more effort is needed in making the cake but still mummy decided to give it a try and see how it goes.

The different layers of the rainbow in making

Rainbow cake done! Love the vibrant colours!
The colours of the rainbow cake is really vibrant but as the layers are baked differently, when put together, they do not match well and I have to cut even the sides. And also we have made the individual layers too thin, resulting in the cake being not tall enough. But still, it is a good first attempt and can't wait to see how it looks like when sis cut the cake! Now it's time for decorations.

The princess cake
Initially I wanted to make a crown on the top of the cake, but it was quite hard to make one, so I placed a crown on it and it fits perfectly (the crown was actually used on my 21st birthday cake and I kept it till now). LOL. Hope sis likes the princess cake decorated just for her! And then the surprise party begins!

Surprise within the cake!

Happy Birthday my dearest Er Jie! Wishing you forever 29! Love you lots!

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