Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Piano Rainbow cake...

This is an order from my bf for his sis birthday. He wanted a rainbow cake to give me an opportunity to try it out again after the attempt for my sis's birthday cake. Thanks dear for trusting me with this task!

So learning from the previous experience, this time round mummy and me made thicker layers for each colour. However, it was too thick and the cake is too tall when all the layers are piled up. In the end we had to slice away a bit of each layer to get the right height.

The rainbow cake looking much better and neater than the previous attempt with the thicker layers.

Previous attempt on rainbow cake for sis's birthday
Now that the interior is done, time for the exterior. As his sister is a part time piano teacher, I decided to make her a piano cake.

It's a simple and easy cake. But the real excitement comes when it's time to cut the cake. However, as the cake is placed too long, the sides got very crumpled. The layers of the cake can be visibly seen underneath the thin layer of fondant. As I did not want to apply thick layers of buttercream covering the cake, it seems that it allows the layering to be shown more easily. Another point to note for the next rainbow cake attempt. LOL,

The colourful rainbow!
But I still love how the rainbow colours turn out nicely when the cake is cut. Hope next attempt will be better! And hope bf's sis enjoyed the cake. Happy Birthday!

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