Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Army cake...

First order for an army related cake and this is from my bro-in-law who is having a birthday celebration with his army mates (signalling unit I think). So he is tasked with bringing a cake so he wanted me to come up with something that is related to their unit. He sent me a few photos which I have no idea what are they and so to compromise, I decided to do the army phone.

I managed to get the army green by mixing green with black and I think the colour really works wonder as it makes the cake look more army-ish. LOL. I added some army elements such as the helmet and the grenade. The word was also provided by my bro-in-law which I think only the guys in the unit knows what is it about.

My bro-in-law said that the guys were very amazed by the cake and they thought that he bought it from the army market! LOL! Glad you guys like it and happy birthday to the birthday boys!

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