Friday, 8 January 2016

Triathlon cake!

An order from Phildia for her husband who is turning 30 this year! She is planning a surprise birthday party for his big 30 and wanted a triathlon cake for her husband who is into triathlon! So fit! So she wanted a 3 tier cake to represent jogging, cycling and swimming in each tier. However as it was for a small party, she wanted small cakes instead. Therefore, I created a mini 4",5" and 6" 3-tier cake and it looks cute!

I never really had orders for 3-tier cakes as previously orders was only for 2-tier 5" & 8" cake so this was a new challenge for me for the start of the year. In addition, she wanted different flavours for each tier so I had to work with cakes of different density.

I did not use any pillar on the base tier as I thought the cakes are small and light. However, I was wrong after I placed the cakes on top as I realised the cakes dent in after a while. But it was too late for any changes. Luckily the structure is still stable as I used the chocolate cake as the base cake which is very dense. But still, I had my lesson learnt on the need for a stable structure!

I'm quite glad on how the cake turns out as all 3 tiers look like what they are supposed to be doing. Can you guess the individual sports?

Happy Birthday Samuel! Hope you had a wonderful big 30 celebration with your lovely wife!

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