Friday, 12 February 2016

Plane cake for my second BIL...

Happy Chinese New Year! This year, my second BIL, Ben's birthday falls near CNY and therefore we decided to have his birthday celebration and our reunion dinner together at home! As I have previously done a car cake for my first BIL who loves car and recently got a new car, so this time round I did a plane cake for my second BIL who loves plane! Check out the car cake that I have done below.

The last cake that I did for Ben was 3 years ago when I first started this whole cake business. Er Jie wanted a sushi cake to surprise him as he loves sushi. How time flies and he is now my BIL! 

Initially I wanted to do a commercial plane but the plane needs to be very round in shape and I have baked a rectangular cake. Therefore, after searching for ideas online, I came up with the plane below which looks a bit like fighter plane. LOL.

I sliced off the front of the cake to make it look pointed. For the plane wings and the propeller, I used cardboard and wrapped it in fondant instead to ensure that it is stable enough and the wings will not break off. This is quite a stable structure in the end and it stayed neat and firm throughout. LOL. 

Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you like the plane!

Happy Birthday BIL! Hope this new year brings greater joy and happiness in your life!

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