Sunday, 28 February 2016

Maserati car cake...

New challenge at the start of the year! This is an order from Ting Ting, my Er Jie's uni friend who wanted to order a Maserati car cake for her husband who drives a Maserati. She has saw the Audi car cake that I did for my BIL on my sis's FB and therefore wants to order a Maserati car cake from me. Thanks for putting so much trust in me! Check out the Audi car cake below.

She sent me her husband's car photo and therefore I started on my cake sculpting first. Like the Audi car cake, we baked 2 rectangle cake and stacked them together for sculpting. However, as Maserati is supposed to be a sports car which is very sleek, I tried to sculpt it in that way. But my rectangle mould is too short and therefore the front is not long enough. Think I have to get a longer rectangle mould for baking car cakes so that my sculpting is not as restricted in terms of the length. LOL. Nevertheless, I worked within the scope and tried to make the car to scale. 

The cake sculpting is done. At this point, at least it looks like a car. First stage passed. 

The most important part of the car : the logo! I think there is some improvement from the previous 3D car that I've made in terms of the width which I made it less wide this time round. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of the length of the car. And maybe next time I will want to try to paint the windows black instead of pasting black fondant. 

Thanks Ting Ting for the order and the nice and encouraging comments. Glad your family love it and Happy birthday to Bernard!

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