Sunday, 28 February 2016

Princess Ulyss turns 4!

It's the time of the year again! It's always a headache for the mummy and her daughter to settle on a theme for the little girl's birthday party every year especially so when her number of favourite characters keep growing. So this year, they settled on Rapunzel theme for the school's party (initially the girl wanted tinker bell). Actually, her 1st birthday party was also done in Rapunzel theme and she was actually the hairless Rapunzel at that time. LOL. Check out her 1st birthday party below.

At that time the two-tier princess cake was actually a dummy cake as I was still new to cake decorating and constructing a two-tier cake. 3 years have passed and I have done a few castle cake over the time and therefore this time round I am more confident to take up the challenge.

However, to make things easy and more stable, I still bought some styrofoam cones and cylinders to create the castle and therefore only the base is made of a 6"cake.

This is one of the sweetest castle that I have made. Totally love the sweet pastel colour combination. Rapunzel topper is provided by the birthday girl herself (one of her toy). I also ordered some Rapunzel icing image to paste on the cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Ulyss! Finally a Rapunzel with hair!
Look at how big the little girl is now. She is a big Jie Jie in school!
Happy Birthday my dear girl! It is amazing to see how you have grown up to be so active and different from how your brother is, showing us that each have their own personalities and are unique in their own ways. Thanks for bringing us so much laughter and happiness and Xiao yi wishes that you continue to grow up strong and healthy! I'm glad that you always enjoy the cakes that I do and I hope I can continue to make your birthday cakes till you are tired of it! LOL!

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