Sunday, 28 February 2016

Flower cake for my Da Jie's birthday!

February is a busy month for me as 3 of our family members are born in the month and 2 days after Ulyss' birthday, it's her mother and that is my Da Jie's birthday! This time round we had a belated birthday celebration for her as I was away in Bkk for vacation during the mother and daughter's birthday period (hence I'm not able to do another cake for Ulyss' birthday party at a indoor playground and they ordered a Princess Sofia ice-cream cake in the end).

As mentioned in my start of the year post, my resolution this year is to start on flower decorations and I have bought a flower modelling kit. After 2 months, I finally got my hands on it and opened the kit. LOL. The flowers are really very nice but just reading the instruction booklet with some pictures at the side, it is a bit hard to understand without some practical demonstration. And some of the flowers need drying overnight. Therefore, I settled on a flower that looks the simplest for a start.

The one on the left was the first one I did, the one on the right, having more experience, looks better. However, it does not really look like what was on the picture (shall not post it here for comparison) LOL. So, I guess there is still room for improvements, or maybe I should just go for a lesson on flower making. Shall keep my options open. Nevertheless, it still looks good on its own and at least it looks like flowers. LOL.

Happy Birthday to my dearest Da Jie! We had dinner at Buffet Town at Raffles City which is also a treat from Er Jie for her bonus payout! Yummy oysters and salmon all thanks to Er Jie! You can eat it next year! LOL.
Me with the flowers after it was taken off the cake. It still looks good. LOL. 

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