Friday, 22 April 2016

Jembakes does charity for the third time!

This is the third time we have participated in the citi charity sale and this time round we have broaden our scope and covered orders from different businesses in citi. This is definitely an experience for us in making bulk orders and also a good opportunity for us to make our presence known. And at the same time, we are able to give back to the community and contribute to the donation for MDAS. This year, Jembakes have managed to help raise a total fund of $3,400 just from our cakes and cupcakes sale! Really grateful for all the support from those who ordered our cakes and cupcakes and we thank you on behalf of our beneficiary.

Check out our previous two contributions to the charity sale below.

So this time round, the whole baking and delivering process took us 2 whole weeks and we can finally rest for a while before we start on clearing our normal orders again. I provided a few cakes and cupcakes design for them to choose from and those designs are the "classic" and "popular" items that were frequently ordered such as the minion, crayon shin chan and the citi logo. Here are some of the orders that were delivered with some customization for each of them.

An order from Santosh
An order from Steven
An order from Joo Hong
An order from CDS
An order from Margie
Thank you Margie for the generous donation! 
An order from Marcus
An order from John

The orders for one of the days
it was lucky that we staggered the date of the delivery so that we will not have to rush out all the orders at one go. But there are some days that we have to deliver quite a few of the cakes and cupcakes together. Glad that we managed to pull it off!

An order from Devraj
An order from Vima

An order from Stacey
These are purely the pre-orders and we still have the actual sale of the cupcakes at the charity food stall in the lobby of our building. So my genius BF came up with the idea of doing "Descendants of the Sun" cupcakes which is currently the hottest show right now! And I really love the show! LOL. That was a really great idea as the cupcakes were sold out very fast and were a hit amongst all the fan girls at work!

I ordered the icing image and paste on the cupcakes. They were easy to do and looks good. Special thanks to my BF for helping out in making these cupcakes! On a side note, the cupcakes with SJK face was so popular I was left with only a few even before the start of the sale. LOL.

Individually packed for sale 
So with the successful sale of the DOTS cupcakes, just when I thought that we are done with all the baking, I was tasked to bake another cake for our cake auction which managed to raised $2000! So I have to bake a cake to be presented to the bid winner, Christine Lam. In the end, we decided to do a citi credit card with her name on it as the design of the cake.

12" square chocolate cake weighing 5-6kg
I put in all the credit card elements such as the visa paywave the credit card no, etc. Glad that it turns out good and Christine likes the cake. Really thankful for her generous contribution to MDAS!

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