Monday, 9 February 2015

2D Hellokitty cake!

It's an order from Hui Zhen again! This time round she wanted a 2D hellokitty cake. Given that I do not have any hellokitty stencils or cutters, I would have to carve the shape out on my own. But the hellokitty may go out of shape very easily if I carve it out freehand. So I first sketched the hellokitty on a tracing paper (lucky my drawing is still passable) and then I paste the tracing paper on a rolled out fondant and cut out the shape of the hellokitty from there. And the end result turn out really good. It is one of my best hellokitty cake ever and really glad that the hellokitty did not go out of shape. LOL.

Thanks Hui Zhen for giving me this chance to try out this cake and hope you like it! Happy 1st birthday Valerie!

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