Monday, 9 February 2015

My little pony cake...

Another set of my little pony cake. I didn't know that my little pony is this popular (generation gap I guess). LOL.

But this time round it's an order from Siska who wanted to order this cake for her daughter Vianne's 6th birthday. I bought the cake toppers beforehand and as she wanted a different design to my previous ones, I created a new design for her with a pink base as per her request. It is much easier to work with toppers (minus the molding and carving effort) but it's very tricky to make the toppers stay on the cake without toppling. This is especially so when the ponies are only standing on 2 legs! LOL. So I created "clouds" using the fondant and stick the legs of the ponies into it to ensure that it stays on the cake nicely.

Happy 6th birthday Vianne!

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