Sunday, 22 February 2015

Princess Ulyss turns 3!

Time flies and it's really scary how kids can grow up so fast ( me getting old as well). 1 year ago, Ulyss was still a toddler with not much vocab and now she can express herself very well with the vocab she has and has grown up to be a sweet and active little girl (prettier with longer hair as well). Check out her birthday last year below.

And she is growing up like all little girls, in love with princesses, hello kitty and anything girly. So for her birthday this year, my da jie wanted a celebration for her in school as well as at home. And the little girl requested for Princess Sofia cupcakes (she even chose her own icing image designs).

The images Ulyss chose.
Look at how happy the little girl is!

Next up is her birthday celebration on the actual day! My er jie and I chanced upon a very princessy playhouse at UE square called The Tiara Society. They have a carriage inside which straight away caught my eyes and they have all the princess dresses for the kids to role play in. So we decided to bring our little princess there on her birthday (more so to satisfy our own craving as we pay for the kids and adults go in for free). And the birthday girl had to change into different princess dresses to satisfy our wishes to be the princess that we like. LOL.

Me and Princess Belle!
Miss universe wannabe!
Us with Princess Aurora!
The "Frozen" sisters!
Us with Princess Sofia!
Us with Mulan!
Er jie and her Princess Jasmine!
Da jie with her Snow White!
Our little princess!

Princess Ariel!
Princess Ulyss is waiting for her prince!
Princess Sofia!
Princess Elsa!
We had a lot of fun changing her into different dresses and it is really a very girly and nice place. Not to mention that there was no other people there at that time and it seems like we have booked the whole place for her. LOL. They also allow people to book the place for birthday parties and I think it will be really fun for the kids. Too bad I'm too old for all these.

After a fun-filled day out, we had her birthday celebration at home along with my Da jie's other friends who had kids whose birthday is in the month of Feb as well. Therefore they had a small party for the kids to play together and celebrate their birthdays together. So there is 3 kids celebrating their birthdays together, Ulyss, Josiah and Dylan. Da Jie suggested the cupcakes to be designed according to the favourite character that each kid likes. Ulyss loves hellokitty, Josiah likes dinosaur and Dylan likes elephant as he has a soft toy elephant named Ellie.

So here are the cupcakes.

Josiah, Ulyss, Dylan

Happy birthday my dear gal!

So the little princess had an eventful birthday this year. Xiao yi hope that you will continue to grow up healthy and lively! We all love you! Happy birthday Ulyss!

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