Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bookworm Wayne's 7th Birthday!

Time flies and another year has passed. This year Wayne turns 7 and is already in Primary 1. The little boy has to adapt to primary school life, buy his own food during recess time, learn spelling and do homework. Everything is new to him but his love for books remains. He goes to the school library to read during recess time and continues to read when he is back home. He is really a hardcore bookworm. But indeed, with so many books that he read, he is really good with his english vocabulary and knows a lot of words which I do not think that I would have known at his age now. He sometimes would amaze me with the big words that he used!

Check out the previous cakes that I have done for his birthday party since he was 4 years old!

So this year, to live up to his name, he requested for a book cake. LOL! I previously did an open book cake before and this time round I wanted to try something different. Therefore, I decided to do stacked up books instead with the subjects that he learnt in school as the book titles.

The books were covered individually and then stacked together. Luckily the cake was a firm cake and therefore it was easy to hold it up after covering it with fondant. 

Wayne was around when I was making his cake and he was very excited to know what book titles are on it. However, when I was doing the chinese book, he wanted me to change it to other titles instead, thus showing his little interest in the subject. And indeed, his result in chinese language is the lowest among the 3 subjects. LOL. 

Happy Birthday my dear boy! You have grown well and Xiao Yi is really glad that I can make you a birthday cake every year and that you liked them. My proudest and happiest moment whenever I see your eyes glow with excitement when you see the cake (whether it was because of the design or the fact that you are able to eat the fondant, maybe half-half) LOL. But nevertheless, you have brought so much joy into the house. I hope you will continue to read and love books and not forget the importance of learning. Grow in wisdom and be a polite and nice boy with integrity. Xiao yi loves you! 

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