Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mcqueen and Mater cake...

Another Cars cake order from Sheryl. I have lost count on the number of Cars cake I did for Sheryl as she has ordered Cars cake for both her sons' birthday for almost 2-3 years. I think she has quite a collection of the Cars toy at home now. LOL. This time round is her elder son Ranen's birthday and she wanted a different design. So we both cracked our brain and finally come out with another design.

I hand crafted the Mater at the side with fondant and luckily it turns out quite well. This was a 10" cake and I was worried that the top would be too plain with only the sign and Mcqueen therefore I added some road elements to spice things up on the top of the cake.

Happy 5th Birthday Ranen!

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