Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mahjong cake for the mahjong lovers!

An order from sis again for her friend Mildred's birthday. Time flies and it had been a year where last year she ordered an "I-chat" cake for her. Check it out below if you have not.


So this time round they are no longer virtual friends but mahjong kakis instead. LOL. They arranged to have a mahjong session with their friends and therefore sis wanted a mahjong cake which will be very apt for the occasion.

I seldom play mahjong so I'm not very familiar with the tiles and the colours of it. So just did a few which are easier to do. Not forgetting the chips and the dice on the table and it turns out quite well!

Happy birthday Mildred!
Check out their mahjong party below!

Hope you like the cake and win lots of money!

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