Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Daddy's 62nd Birthday!

It's the time of the year again and how time flies, we are at 分享3 now. Still vividly remembers how we were preparing for Daddy's birthday celebration and the displaying of his art and mummy came out with this title 分享 which is very apt and meaningful (means to share in eng). Check out 分享1 and 2 below if you have not.

So I am once again tasked with preparing the cake and here it is!

The "golf ball" to be placed on top.
Mummy wanted to try out rainbow cake again and therefore, this is her 3rd attempt on it!

Looking nice and more presentable with a great height.
The ball and cake ready to be decorated.
So the decoration process for this cake is quite simple. I wrapped the "golf ball" in white fondant and used a round ball mold to press into the cake to make the depressions that are seen in a golf ball. Made a man figurine to represent my Dad with a golf club and his golf bag. However, my golf club is a bit soft and not straight as I did not wait for it to harden and placed it straight on the figurine. Nevertheless, the golf cake is complete!

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Up next is the celebration! As we are having a rainbow cake, sis suggested having a rainbow theme party where we will each wear a colour of the rainbow. Check out our nicely coordinated colours below!

Me and bf in red!
Sis and bf in blue!
The three sisters in primary colours.
Mummy in nice solid pink as well.

The rainbow colours!
This time round Wayne and me had a chance to display our drawings as well! It's an art sharing from the 3 generations. LOL.

Pardon my childish drawings.
Wayne is learning drawing now and is really good at it!
So before the cake cutting session, the kids were playing and kicking around with a ball and bf and me had to be bodyguards to my cake!

Finally it's time for cake-cutting!


The rainbow cake within!
This time round we had a much extended family and thanks all for the help provided! Happy 62nd birthday to my dearest Daddy and we will be back for 分享4!

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