Friday, 30 May 2014

For Da Jie's pretty girl friend...

Been busy juggling with work and orders and life (being lazy as well) and it's the end of May already! So I have to stop procrastinating and here I am updating the blog on all the May's orders!

So my Da Jie wanted a cake last minute for her picnic gathering with her friends where it's one of the pretty girls, Joanna's birthday. They have known each other for very long and have gone through different life stages together, now all having their own happy family. Having seen her a few times as well, I feel that she gives off the "I am the Queen" aura and is really a pretty and nice lady. So I had the idea of a pretty lady sitting on the top of a cushion chair with all her branded bags and cosmetics around her, like the shopping queen. LOL. So here's the cake! 

Hope they had a wonderful picnic party! Happy Birthday Joanna!

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