Sunday, 30 November 2014

Elmo and friends cake and cupcakes...

This is an order from Eve who had ordered a rainbow care bear cake for her daughter Jeraine's 1st yr birthday last year. So this year, Jeraine is 2 and Eve is back to order her birthday cake from us! Thanks for the continuous support! Really grateful to have customers coming back to get their cakes from us! Check out her rainbow care bear cake from last year below.

So this time round she wanted elmo theme cake and cupcakes, one for home and one for school celebration. As the little girl is allergy to dairy products, Eve wanted cake that does not have butter in it as she wanted the girl to have a taste of her own cake. Luckily, we do have recipe without butter and the little girl can eat her own cake at ease. So first up is the celebration at home with elmo and friends cupcakes.

Eve is very creative to come up with her own cupcake stand with elmo designs on it and the cupcakes look just nice on it.

Next up is an Elmo cake for school celebration. It's quite an easy cake to do and nice Eve took a photo of Jeraine at her school's birthday celebration and sent it to me.

Looking cute in her princess dress!
Happy Birthday Jeraine and hope you enjoyed your cake!

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