Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mickey mouse cake...

An order from Meliza who wanted a Mickey mouse cake for her son, Nathaniel's 1st birthday! Countless of 1st birthday cake I have done and I'm really glad that I can contribute to someone's important milestone in life.

As she wanted the mickey mouse head only, I suggested her to get 3 flavours for each of the ears and the face. This is one cake that looks simple on the outside but a lot of effort is done on the inside. Definitely spent more time baking than decorating as have to bake 3 different cakes and to ensure that all cakes are of the same height. To make things more challenging, Meliza wanted a rainbow cake as the "face" of Mickey and as rainbow cake is taller than usual cakes, I have to make sure that the other 2 cakes are able to match up to its height.

Hope Nathaniel like his 1st birthday cake!

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