Saturday, 15 November 2014

Thomas train cake...

Another train cake this time round and it is specifically Thomas train cake ordered by May Ee for her son Chee Yang's 4th birthday! This is another challenge for me in cake sculpting and the previous train cake that I did had some flaws in it and therefore this time round, I wanted to learn from the mistake and perfect the train cake. Check out the previous rainbow train cake below.

This time round I used a 10" cake as well and cut it into long and short pieces to form up the train shape.

Train head and the carriage.
I used a whole sheet of fondant to cover the train head and it fits perfectly and neatly as compared to last time. I wrapped the carriage separately and I also cut out a dent in the carriage as May Ee wanted it to contain M&Ms which her son is super excited about. Somehow I think the train head looks like a car to me, Maybe next time I can venture into sculpting cars. LOL!

So with the structure in place I started decorating the train accordingly to how Thomas train looks like. And here is the final product!

I'm really satisfied with this creation and the structure is much stable compared to the last. And it really looks like Thomas train with the colours and stuffs. Not to forget the M&Ms surprise in the carriage! Think all Thomas train fans will love it!

Happy birthday Chee Yang and have fun with your Thomas train!

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