Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wayne turns 6!

How time flies and Wayne is turning 6! Still remembered when he was born I baked his 1st day cake to welcome him into this world. And then for the next 12 months, I baked him a cake monthly till he reach 1 years old. But however at that time I was not into decorating cakes yet and those cakes now looks terrible to me. LOL. It was until Wayne was 4 when I make him a well-decorated cake for his birthday and since then I have been tasked with this job. But nevertheless, I'm more than happy to take up this job as it is always a joy to see his eyes sparkles when he sees the cake!

This year, his mummy decided to have his birthday party at Port of Lost Wonders in Sentosa as the boy loves water play (I think his eyes sparkles more when he sees water than when he sees the cake). LOL. So, the theme for this year's cake is beach theme.

 For the lower tier of the cake, I created the underwater feel with seaweeds and various type of fishes.

I've did beach theme cupcakes before so this time round it was quite easy for me. I created the "sand" feel using ground peanuts and then placed the slippers, towel, shorts, etc on it.

 All ready for the beach party!

It was chaotic with lots of kids at his party! All his classmates in his class turned up and some came with their siblings as well. A total of more than 30 kids at the party (not including other kids at the water play area as well). Wayne was so excited to go into the water and play when he reached and being the nice and young and energetic xiao yi, I volunteered to go into the "battlefield" and play with him and Ulyss first before his friends arrived. It was fun but super tiring! But the birthday boy seems to have unlimited amount of energy, running rounds and rounds without stopping. How nice to be young! LOL! Luckily his friends arrived one after another and once he have his playmates to play with, I am able to retire and rest my old bones.

The birthday boy!
 Finally it was cake cutting and the kids all gathered around the cake and it was hard to take a picture of the birthday boy without any heads popping in. LOL.

Wayne and his friends.
And it's a rainbow cake!
The colour turns out just right!
And again I forgot to take a picture with my masterpiece before it was gone! Left with a picture of the aftermath.

The cake and cupcakes were well received and the kids love it (especially the sweet fondant on top). LOL. It was a really big cake (6" and 10") with 20 cupcakes but at the end of the party only left with 1/3 of the bottom tier cake. There is at least 30 kids and 30+ adults in the party so this portion of cake is just right for the number of people.

Wayne was the first one to start playing and was the last one to end. He is really super energetic but he got quite dark from the sun as well. Really glad that he enjoyed his party with his friends as next year they will all be going to different primary schools. Oh my! My nephew is going to pri 1 next year! What a big boy he is now! LOL! Continue to grow strong and healthy and Xiao yi loves you always! Happy birthday Wayne!

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