Sunday, 17 November 2013

Captain America cake and cupcakes set...

This is an order from Lynn for her son's Xavi 1st birthday. They are having an avengers party and she wanted a Captain America cake. I'm not an avengers fan and have not watched the movie before and therefore I do not know how Captain America looks like. And as usual, google does the trick. So I started searching for the Captain America cake topper online but I actually found it in a shopping mall while I was on a random day trip to JB. LOL.

The cake is quite simple but again, I had a hard time making the topper stand on the cake as it cannot stand on its own. So I had to use black fondant to secure its legs on the cake and try to make it seems like it is standing on the rock. Does it look like it?

For the cupcakes, I ordered the edible shield image online which is easy to use whereby I just have to cut and paste it on the cupcakes.

Hope the avengers party went well!

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