Thursday, 21 November 2013

Rainbow Care Bear cake...

This is an order from Eve who wanted a two-tier care bear cake for her daughter Jeraine's 1st birthday. She sent me a picture of how she wanted the cake to look like - a rainbow at the side and marshmallows at the bottom. The cake looks really sweet and lovely. She also requested for a little girl to sit at the top of the cake.

So I tried to meet all her requirements. I ordered the care bear figurines online and place them on the cake and also had the words in rainbow colour. I also made a little girl sitting on the top of the cake and I think she looks really cute on top. I also placed marshmallows on the bottom, surrounding the cake.

The difficult part is actually the rainbow at the side where I was thinking what kind of material should I use to make the rainbow which can stand on its own and is able to bend nicely. I did not want to use gumpaste as I'm worried the structure will not be stable and may collapse. Thanks to my brilliant mummy who is full of idea, she thought of using cardboard and cut the sides at regular interval and then fold them in and tadah, it bends nicely! I then covered it with foil and then rainbow coloured fondant and then my rainbow is done!

I'm quite pleased with this cake as it is quite neat and looks very lovely. Thanks Eve for contributing her ideas and hope Jeraine had an awesome party!

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