Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wayne is 5!

How time flies and my nephew is turning 5 this year! He has really grown so much over the years and it is really amazing how kids learn and grow so fast (which also means I'm aging while he grows). LOL. Anyway, he is having a pirates theme party this year in his school as he loves to watch Jake and the neverland pirates (I do watch with him sometimes). His ever so loving mummy went to buy the figurines to be placed on the cake and his ever so lovely xiao yi (which is me) is of course tasked to make the birthday cake once again.

This time round I wanted to try my hands on cake sculpting and to make a pirate ship for the cake which is different from the usual round or square cakes that I normally make. But still, I started off by baking a round 10" cake and then I cut out the shape of a ship and assemble bits and pieces of the cake together. It was quite fun actually and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be.

My ship-making in progress.
After piecing them together I started covering the ship with buttercream icing to "stick" the ship structure together and then lastly covering it with fondant. Since the ship is made by wooden planks, I covered my pirate ship by cutting out brown strips of fondant and pasting it one by one like how wooden planks would look like. I also made some pirate cupcakes around the cake which will be easier to distribute to the kids during the party. I wonder how are the teachers going to cut the pirate ship cake. LOL.

The final product.
This is really a breakthrough for me and I'm really happy with the final result. Hope to try out more cake sculpting designs next time!

Check out Wayne's birthday party below:

Happy birthday Wayne!

The happy family!

Wayne and his classmates.

The kids enjoying the cupcakes.
Happy 5th birthday my dear boy! You have grown up well! LOL.

Check out his 4th birthday party below:

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