Thursday, 21 November 2013

Pooh cake for dear Wayne!

This dear prince of mine is really special and loved by all of us. For his birthday this year, his parents booked a room in hard rock hotel and they had a fun 3D2N staycation over the weekends. And as usual, the rest of us will not want to miss celebrating his birthday with him. So, we decided to make a cake for him and bring it over to the hotel to give him a surprise. And my mummy suggested a pooh cake for him as he likes to watch a "pooh and friends" dvd (he have watched it umpteen times and whenever we ask him to choose a dvd to watch, he will still choose that!) LOL. So, I made a pooh cake for him with a pooh and tigger topper.

This cake is really fast and easy to make. I just add on some details such as little flowers, bee, honey pot and the little pond. And as the pooh cake topper cannot stand on its own, I placed the legs into brown fondant and made it look like it is stucked in the mud. LOL. And guess what, Wayne interpreted everything on the cake correctly! He could see that pooh is "stucked in the mud", there is a pond with some rocks at the side, etc. I feel so happy that my work is acknowledged. LOL.

So here's some picture of our surprise party:

Happy Birthday Wayne!

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