Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pooh and piglet cake...

Flora wanted a simple and pastel coloured pooh bear and piglet cake for her daughter's 1st birthday. Had a hard time finding a suitable cake topper as she wanted the baby pooh series one. But in the end I could not find it so we have to make do with the normal pooh topper.

The topper came in a set with eeyore and tigger but as Flora specified that she wanted a simple cake and did not want the cake to be too crowded, I placed just the pooh bear and piglet on the cake.

She also specify that she wanted the bees and honey pots as well so I placed a few on the cake and try to make it look as simple as possible. However, the toppers could not stand on its own so I made 2 big honey pots for them to stand on it. And I also found some wire to hold the bees so that they look like they are "buzzing" around. LOL.

Hope the cake did look simple enough and the party went well!

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